Every can of Bing Han Ginseng Powder sold is a native Australian tree planted. 1.25% credit card surcharge applies for credit card transactions.

Take Positive Climate Action

We are partnering with Carbon Positive Australia. Every can of Bing Han Ginseng Powder sold is a native Australian tree planted.

Introducing Hydration135

A healthy habit-building challenge that aims to change the habit of your daily fluid intake.

Bing Han International Australia

For 30 years, Bing Han have achieved remarkable attainments internationally and many members have joined the business and reaped a rich harvest economically while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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There are many misperceptions about direct selling. Read our articles to rediscover what direct selling is really about!

Bing Han exists for people who want to fuel their excellence naturally

Bing Han connects people who are dedicated to their own health with the solutions they need to fuel their excellence—naturally.

We are a global company who is focused on providing quality foods products which are user friendly for our customers. Our current customers find our products dependable as we strive to ensure our products are of the finest quality. We have acquired various certificates from food authorities of several countries and other organisations to verify that our products are both safe and organic. Moreover, we have acquired certificates from HACCP, the worldwide- recognised Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. The Hazard analysis carried out by HACCP is used to identify potential microbiological, physical, chemical and allergen hazards.

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About Bing Han

A company that exists to field excellence -- naturally.


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How we spread the message of health across the world through Bing Han Ginseng.


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Why take Ginseng?

Modern day life is hectic, stressful and at times seemingly exhausting. It is therefore easy to forget about what you are putting into your body and whether you are consuming foods that support your lifestyle.

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