A 30-Day Healthy Habit-Building Challenge

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Hydration135 is a healthy habit-building challenge that aims to change the habit of your daily fluid intake. By eliminating unnecessary consumption of the excessive sugar, caffeine and other substances, you can experience an absolute improvement in your body within 30 days.

We Put Nutrients Back To The Equation

Panax ginseng contains six primary nutrients: vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, water, and carbohydrates.

Bing Han ginseng powder contains 100% Panax ginseng.

Our innovative low heat temperature processing method allows the nutrients to be preserved and is suitable for long-term daily use for everyone.

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Be Sustainable

Water is the purest substance. By drinking only water with Bing Han Ginseng Powder, you are eliminating other drinks. By the end of this challenge, we hope that you can create a healthy habit and utilise this habit to achieve sustainable health.

Be Sustainable: Building a Green Future Together

With every Hydration Pack sale, we are planting ten trees to support Bushfire Recovery.
Planting trees can restore the damaged habitats of Australian wildlife. We are ensuring that our future generations get to see the native species. Besides, trees can reverse CO2 emission. By taking little steps like this, we are heading toward a greener future.

Do you drink enough fluid every day?

According to Better Health Channel(Victoria), most mature adults lose about 2.5 to 3 litres of water per day. Water loss may increase in hot weather and with prolonged exercise. We need to replenish the water loss by drinking more water.

The recommended daily fluid intakes in Australia is 2.6 Litres for adult men and 2.0 litres for adult women.

What Are You Really Drinking?

You may drink enough fluid every day. But beverages such as juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc, contain way too much additive. Frankly, they do more harm to your body than good.

Why Should You Participate In Hydration135?

By using Bing Han Ginseng Powder and water, you are reducing the intakes of sugar and other chemicals and restoring nutrients back into your body.

This is a good start for you to establish a sustainable healthy habit.

Why 30 Days?

A 30-Day period is an appropriate length to establish a new habit. After the challenge ended, you should feel it is easy to keep it up.

The 135 Method

In 30 days, we recommend our participants to finish 1 can of Bing Han Ginseng Powder every 3 days. Separate your daily portion into 5 parts and consume it throughout the day.

This program will also ensure your daily water intake for carrying ginseng essence and oxygen to your cells.

How To Prepare Your Drink

Pour about 400ml lukewarm water into your Bing Han Shaker Bottle.

Using a teaspoon, add 5 – 6 spoonful of Bing Han Ginseng Powder. Shake well before consuming.

Feel free to add more water.

Daily Routine Of The 135 Method


  • 7.30am
  • 11.30am
  • 3.00pm
  • 6.30pm
  • 9.30pm

* Drink ginseng tea before meal and adjust the routine according to your lifestyle.


Avoid Other Beverages

Steer clear of other beverages such as alcohol, coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, etc.

The main purpose of this challenge is to eliminate the unwanted substances from your regular beverages.

Drink only water and our ginseng tea during the 30-day challenge.

Start Right Away With Your Current Diet

While the purpose of Hydration135  is not weight loss or body transformation, we recommend participants to conduct a balanced diet for health and well-being during the challenge. Please take note of your experience and share them with everyone!

Tips on Hydration135

Increase the effectiveness of your 30-day journey

1. Start Hydration135 With A Friend(s)

Who can be disciplined forever? Invite a supportive friend alongside the challenge or ask your sponsor for joining the Hydration135 club. Share your tips and struggles and support each other. That is what friends are for, right?

2. A Balanced Diet

There is no need to cut proteins, fats or carbs from your diet. It is all about moderation.

Eat the most: Fruits, vegetables, grains (not refined)

Eat moderately: Dairy, proteins (can be plant-based)

Eat sparingly: Healthy fat

3. Exercises

We recommend you exercise every day, like a casual walk, a stretch session etc. If you have an exercise routine already, please carry on.

There are apps with instructions to exercise at home that you can download on your phone.

However, beginners should always ask for advice to avoid injuries.

4. Enough Rest

Aim for 8 hours of sleep every night and go to bed at a regular time. Your body needs time to replenish and repair.


  • Participants with any health concerns should consult their doctor before commencing this challenge.
  • Bing Han does not advise or recommend individual circumstances.
  • If you are taking medications or are pregnant or nursing, we advise you not to take this challenge unless you have consulted with your Australian licensed health care provider before commencing this challenge.
  • If you experience undesirable or unintended side effects, discontinue and contact your sponsor or Bing Han via our website. If it's an emergency, please call 000.
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