Every can of Bing Han Ginseng Powder sold is a native Australian tree planted. 1.25% credit card surcharge applies for credit card transactions.

Our Product

Our excellent performance is credited to the source of raw materials and our distinct manufacturing technology.

We insist on using six-year-old, premium ginseng as our raw material to ensure the adequate amount of natural essence is present in ginseng. It is then processed using a low heat temperature processing method invented by our founder, Dr. Li He-Shun, to preserve the maximum amount of natural essence.


We grow our ginseng in optimal conditions in a preserved paradise

The ginseng produced by Bing Han comes from Changbai Mountain (Baekdu Mountain) range in the northeast of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, a region protected by the UNESCO. At 38° longitude and 42° latitude, the ginseng grows on high mountains at 1200 metres above sea level. The temperature ranges from 16°C in the summer to -6°C in the winter.

Good aeration and abundant water sources are important features to the landscape as they are the mandated requirements for the growth of premium ginseng. As for soil conditions, only organic fertilizer from 30 years old red pines is suitable. High quality ginseng can only be cultivated from such fertile soil.


Unique processing makes a difference

Our ginseng is processed in our own GMP and ISO certified plants in Taiwan. Every ginseng is specially dehydrated for up to 120 days and processed using a low heat temperature processing method. This allows the natural essence of ginseng to be preserved and is suitable for long- term daily use.