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Three Types of Direct Selling

Direct Selling

When it comes to direct selling, there are several different methods and terms that get used quite often, some of these include, single-level direct, party plan and multi-level marketing. Keep reading as we specifically discuss these three types of direct selling and how they differ from each other.

Single-Level Direct

Single-level direct selling refers to one-on-one sales most commonly undertaken by door-to-door or in person presentations, direct ordering from catalogs or online meetings. Traditionally, the commission from sales is how income is earned, but it can also be earned from bonuses when reaching goal targets. 

Party Plan

Party plan direct selling occurs in a group setting, typically a distributor will have a presentation at their home or their customer’s home and invite a group of people over who are interested in purchasing. Think tupperware parties and you’ve grasped an understanding of how the party plan works. Thanks to covid, party plans then got taken online so you could sit in your living room while still attending a shopping party. Income through party plans are usually generated by receiving a commission of each sale made, similar to single-level direct sales, bonuses may be available for hitting certain sales targets. 

Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level marketing uses both single-level and party plan direct selling methods for creating commission on sales. However, multi-level marketing also generates income from the sales of other distributors that you recruited into the company. For example, if you invite your friend to also become a distributor for the company you sell for, they become part of your downline, this continues for every person you or they recruit. This means that when anyone in your downline makes sales, you receive a certain percentage of commission from that sale. In other words you can create income from the commission of both you and your team’s sales. 

What about Bing Han?

Bing Han is a MLM company which our distributors may use all the above types of direct selling techniques. As a Bing Han independent distributor you are able to earn commission from sales through directly selling a product, from your downlines sales, through bonuses and in group settings like the party plan structure. For more information about how you can earn an income through Bing Han, ask us how today! 

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