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Why Should I Try Direct Selling?

Direct Selling, Introduction

The question of why is behind everything that we do and try, but when it comes to giving something new a go understanding reasons why is important. The unknown of direct selling can be scary for some to comprehend, so keep reading as we answer the question, ‘why should I try direct selling?’. 

Let’s be direct…

Direct selling is also directly related to multi level marketing and network marketing. While some people feel caution at the mere mention of these terms, there is nothing to be scared of. Direct selling, network marketing and multi level marketing are all legal, safe and operate on as much ethics and honesty as any other business. Most reputable direct selling companies comply with a code of conduct through their governing organisations, in Bing Han’s case that is through Direct Selling Australia

Let’s hear the whys!

  1. Run your own business without the startup costs – starting a business from scratch is not only time consuming but can also require quite a bit of financial investment. Starting your own business through a direct selling company not only saves you money but also a lot of time. You get to follow their proven business model that helps you sell products and make money effectively, while also having the support in place to help you succeed. Financially speaking you skip the majority of the start up costs and have minimal inventory to purchase.
  1. Freedom to create your dream life – this point alone doesn’t require much explaining but imagine getting to design your work to suit your life? From choosing where, when and how much you want to work this is a great way to create both financial and time freedom. 
  1. Sell a product you are passionate about that helps others – if freedom to create your dream life appeals to you, chances are that selling something you are passionate about is also an important value. At Bing Han we value integrity in our members, therefore it is important to us that bettering people’s lives and health through our ginseng is also an important value to the people representing us. Knowing you can create an income through bettering other’s lives and health is a very empowering way to support yourself financially. 
  1. Be a part of something bigger – in a direct selling company you are never alone! You are a part of a family and team who will support and encourage you. When one person in a direct selling company succeeds, everyone does, and your team around you are the first to celebrate you and your success! On the contrary, when you are struggling, your team will be there to support you and help you through the tougher times. At Bing Han, we have several sustainability projects and initiatives through our Emerge Program. Our goal is to help better lives, the world and the environment in the ways that we can help because we believe we are part of something much bigger than just a company. 

Find your why your way

Every day there are opportunities presented to us to help us grow, evolve and make our lives more intentional, they are the pathway to helping us find our ‘why’. If you are looking for your ‘why’ and want to see if Bing Han is that opportunity to help you find it, click here to enquire today. Remember, life is what you make of it, which is reason enough in itself to answer our question ‘why should I try direct selling?’

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