Every can of Bing Han Ginseng Powder sold is a native Australian tree planted. 1.25% credit card surcharge applies for credit card transactions.

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About Us

Advocating excellent service to public, Bing Han aims to benefit humanity

Bing Han has served people seeking better solutions for an advanced lifestyle for over thirty years. However, we intend to fuel the excellence of everyone around the world.

Inspired by 3000-year history of use, we manufacture different varieties of products, processed from self-farmed 6-year-old premium Panax ginseng. Our ambition is always to share the natural essence and qualities of botanicals with people worldwide, and to encourage them to live with more energy and less stress in their lives. We are one of the most specialised and human-oriented ginseng distributing companies in the world. We strive to be an industry leader.


A Few facts about Bing Han

Making certain we provide premium quality products is our promise. We strictly monitor the production of our ginseng products from cultivation to processing.

By applying the method of vertical integration, we are able to offer the lowest possible price to our customers. Our branches are located all over the world, including Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, the USA, Australia, etc. Therefore, our independent distributors are able to spread our concepts and products throughout the world.

We are a global company who is focused on providing quality foods products which are user friendly for our customers. Our current customers find our products dependable as we strive to ensure our products are of the finest quality. We have acquired various certificates from food authorities of several countries and other organisations to verify that our products are both safe and organic. Moreover, we have acquired certificates from HACCP, the worldwide- recognised Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. The Hazard analysis carried out by HACCP is used to identify potential microbiological, physical, chemical and allergen hazards.

We strongly believe that human nature understands that wellness is in our own hands and can be harnessed by the power of nature.

Our Story

Our founder, Dr He-Shun Li, was born in the 1950s in rural Taiwan. Growing up in poverty, the many villagers who suffered from chronic illnesses became his inspiration to pursue a career in health care.

After years of study and hard work, Dr Li became a renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner. Through his experience, Dr Li came to the realisation that ginseng possessed many natural inherent attributes and it is readily available in nature. Bing Han was then established to promote the existence of this herb to the world.

With Ms Li-Yu Chen and Mr Jang-Yi Lai by his side (who later became Bing Han’s General Manager, and Factory Manager respectively), Dr Li held seminars throughout Taiwan to introduce Bing Han Panax Ginseng Powder to the general public.

Since Ms Chen herself was introduced to this food, she made it her life’s mission to share Bing Han Panax Ginseng Powder with the rest of the world by establishing Bing Han International. Ms Chen worked tirelessly every single day until her tragic passing in 2019. Her admirable determination and selfless sacrifice have changed countless lives across the world. Over the last 30 years, Bing Han International has spread into a dozen countries including Taiwan, Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and the USA.

We are a company that believes in the wisdom of tradition and the power of innovation. We are inspired by people and driven by compassion. We are Bing Han International.


Bing Han Li

Bing Han Li


Charlie Hou

Charlie Hou

General Manager

Sum Sum Wong

Sum Sum Wong

Deputy GM of Asia Pacific and GM of Dr. Ginseng

Desmond Liew

Desmond Liew

Director of International Development & Operations



Bing Han Ginseng Powder lunched in Taiwan


US$10 Mil project: Bing Han Pharmaceutical Plant erected


US$5 Mil project: Bing Han Taipei erected


Bing Han Malaysia established as our first overseas office

Bing Fan partner company, Gincare International established


US$30 Mil project: Bing Han Tainan HQ erected


Bing Han Pharmaceutical Plant building expansion completed

Li Huang Yu-Lan Charitable Foundation established

Bing Han Canada established


Bing Han Hong Kong established


Certified as a GMP Manufacturer for TCM by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan

Bing Han Indonesia established

Bing Han Japan established


Received ISO 9001:2000


Bing Han Pharmaceutical Plant building second expansion completed

Bing Han Ginseng capsule launched in Taiwan


Bing Han Singapore established

Bing Han USA established as well joined MLMIA

Bing Han Macau established


Bing Han China established in Shanghai

Received ISO 9001:2000 renewal

Received Imported Health Care Food License from CFDA


Received Health Food License from Ministry of Health and Welfare, TW

Received Islam HALAL Certificate


Dr. Ginseng brand launched in China

Received “STC tested” Mark from Standards and Testing Centre, HK

Received Health Food DNA Test Certificate from Food DNA Analysis Centre of Japan


Han Shen Bio Tech Corp established


Received Imported health food approval for Bing Han Ginseng capsule form CFDA

Bing Han products in accordance with FDA food regulation


Received Imported health food approval for Bing Han Ginseng Flower form CFDA


Purchased Bing Han HK office as Asia Pacific Operation HQ

Received Imported health food approval for Bing Han Honey Sliced Ginseng form CFDA


Bing Han Ginseng Farm on Changbai Mountain received Organic Certificate from the USA and the EU

Bing Han Russia established


Bing Han Pharmaceutical Plant received Organic Certificate from Taiwan, the USA and the EU

Bing Han Pharmaceutical Plant received ISO22000 and HACCP


Bing Han Philippines established

Bing Han Australia established

Purchased Bing Han Indonesia office in Jakarta


Bing Han Ginseng Powder Won the Asia-Pacific High-Quality Brand Product Award of Taiwan Association of Multilevel Marketing.


Received “Certificate of Registration of Proprietary Chinese Medicine” from the Department of Health, HK.


Purchased Bing Han China aka Dr. Ginseng office in Shanghai.

Bing Han Ginseng Flowers obtained "Health Food License" from Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan.


Purchased Bing Han USA office in New York

Purchased Bing Han Japan office in Tokyo

Bing Hwa Chinese Herbal Medicine Development Corp established in Jilin Province, China.


Received HALAL MUI Certification in Indonesia


Bing Han Australia Online store launched

2021 Year End Wrap Up


Excessive packaging eliminated to reduce waste

Newsletters by email launched

A tree planted for every can of ginseng sold

New Program: Hydration135 launched

2022 Year End Wrap Up